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Metal Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

Additive Manufacturing revolutionized the way products are designed which heralds new paradigms in design! Disruptive!!! It is an effective tool to compress product development time and hence gives edge over the competitors. We create value for our customers by redesigning parts for weight reduction, complicated machining, parts consolidation. Additive manufacturing allows to improve functional performance of the components, achieve complex geometry and gradient matrix. We have a complete ecosystem to support Metal 3D printing process.

3D printing machine

Build Volume

250 x 250 x 325mm

Materials Used

Stainless Steel CX, Stainless Steel PH1, Stainless Steel 17-4PH, Stainless Steel-316L, Maraging Steel MS 1, Cobalt Chrome MP 1, Nickel Alloy IN625, Nickel Alloy IN718, Nickel Alloy HX, Titanium TI64, Titanium TI64ELI, Titanium TICP Grade 2, Aluminium AISI10Mg, Aluminium AISI10Mg 200C and others as per customer specific requirements.

Post Process

Veero has In-house capability to handle post build process, it is surface finish technique with series of secondary process required to meets dimensional, mechanical, aesthetics & other properties to meet fit, form & functions of end use.


Veero has unique Hi-end Furnace from Nabertherm NW300 – Germany, which is Radiant heating furnace ranges up to 1100 deg c. with Gas box for more accurate atmospheric exchange with an inbuilt software controlled system.

Inner dim : 450mmx550mmx550mm.

Micro blasting Process

Veero has in-house facility, it is dry process of fine shots with defined grade size, hardness and geometrics to influence the micro topography of the surface of any kind.

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Why Veero?

A one-stop solution from design to prototype & production parts.

In-house precision machining & post process and tool room facility.

Integrated technology solution by synchronizing conventional & 3D printing as hybrid manufacturing methods.

5 decades of experience in metal parts manufacturing & engineering excellence with diverse knowledge background & domains.

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